We specialize in Laptop repair and upgrades:

No matter what need to be done, with us your laptop is in experienced hands! We do a lot of work with laptops that need motherboard replacement or repair. Often power jacks become either loose or broken putting you in a tough spot since you can never tell when your laptop will work and when it will not. We can replace the jack and/or repair your motherboard.

Thinking about upgrading your laptop? No problem, we carry fast laptop hard-drives (7200 rpm vs the factory standard 4200 rpm), a variety of memory modules and expansion cards.

Is your laptop running slow? Most of the time a slow running operating system is a first sign that your laptop needs our attention. Often viruses and trojans slowly but surely take control of your computer even if an antivirus is installed. Not all antiviruses are created equal, as a matter of fact most popular antiviruses such as McAfee and Norton rate far from best on worlds antivirus index. Although they often find the virus present, they are not often able to remove them, but rather quarantine them.

It is very important to keep your machine up to date with updates from respective companies. Make sure to run Windows Update often or simply enable automatic updates so that the computer could check for any newly released patches/updates. In an event your computer starts working slow or starts producing errors, don’t panic and bring your machine to us. We’ll have you back on the go in no time!

If you have any questions in regards to your latop, don’t hesitate to call: (508) 991-3210

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