If your computer is sick and needs our attention, our computer technicians can quickly and accurately diagnose your problem and provide you with an estimate for the repair or upgrade before any work is done! That means that you can be in control of what is and what isn’t done to your computer. Your privacy is very important to us, we feel that your computer is YOUR castle, where we are guests.

We provide many services including but not limited to:

  • Computer Upgrade
    • Processor
    • Motherboard
    • Memory
    • Storage Space
      • Hard Drives
      • Zip Drives
      • Tape Drives
      • Thumb Drives
    • Power Supplies
    • Network Cards
    • Modems
    • Cables [including round cables]
    • Optical Drives
      • CD Drives
      • CD Writer Drives
      • DVD Drives
      • DVD Writer Drives
      • DVD RAM Drives
      • Blue Ray Writer Drive
      • HD-DVD Writer Drive
  • Computer Repair
    • We can fix ANY problem with your comptuer
    • We work on ALL brands as well as custom machines
  • Hardware Repair
    • We can either go to component level repair
    • or simply find an exact replacement of your hardware
  • Software Repair
    • We can correct errors with windows
    • We can correct errors with 3rd party software
    • Updates, Patches, etc.
  • File Recovery
    • Transfer files from old drives to new drives
    • Recover files not accessable by the operating system
    • Recover files that were deleted [conditions apply]
  • Virus/Trojan Removal
    • We work with lates technology to remove the most stubborn viruses
    • We can identify and remove worms and trojans
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